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Guy Thiant : epitomizes the Epicurean spirit of Burgundy.
He enjoys the supreme pleasure of swimming against the stream with humour, talent and a deep sense of beauty.
Guy Thiant is a lover of life.

Jehan DESPERT, from the Academy of Versailles, wrote :
"The work of Guy Thiant, the painter, could be described essentially as that of a traditional rigorous and sensitive artist.His favourite subjects, landscapes, animals, still lives or large compositions evoking History, all share a need for extreme precision of detail contributing delightfully to the general arrangement where the quality of concept and the richness of the painterís palette both create harmony without detracting in any way from the refined sensibility of execution.His art is synonymous with a certain pleasure in living and we are fortunate today to be able to enjoy the very best of his work, where the eclecticism of the themes equals his constant desire to remain in close contact with reality.Here one feels overwhelmed by a style of painting which, although perfecttechnically and never losing its spontaneous quality, yetsucceeds in blending tenderness and luxuriance".

Painter of the poetic reality, Guy Thiant was professor of painting during 38 years and in the same time he has received for his work :

  • 1960 : Silver Medal of the city of Paris
  • 1963 : Medal of the general concil of the county Seine
  • 1966 : Silver medal of city of Vincennes
  • 1966 : Officer Art-Sciences-Lettres
  • 1967 : Gold Medal from the salon of french artists
  • 1980 : First prize of the biennal exhibition of AsniŤre city
  • 1993 : Silver medal of "Trompe l'oeil style" in international exhibition of Avignon
  • 1996 : Gold medal for still life - Cannes
  • 1996 : Gold medal for flowers paintings - Cannes
  • 2000 : First big prize for all category of painting international exhibition of Lyon
  • 2004 : The prize of the jury and the prize of public in Blois
  • 2004 : Big prize of creators of the century international exhibition of Lyon
  • 2006 : Prize of "Terroir Français" in Blois

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